Buy Scam, Pump it


Are you tired of identifying digital garbage?
Hard to tell if it’s a scam or not?
We got you covered
Buy scams with proven designs!
Taking some of the most popular designs on the market as a motif,

we added a bit of ‘features’.
Let’s be honest.

If we can really stabilize and increase its price, no problem, right?

The current NFT market is overflowing with low-quality works 

that cannot be used even for wiping shit, 

so NFTs that have been proven in the market is more attractive than works 

that we can not tell they will be treated.

Popular top-ranked NFTs are wanted by everyone, but due to their high price, 

not everyone can have them.
Therefore, we carefully selected designs as motifs and produced NFT. 

Now show off your scammergang proudly on your profile!


P.S. Why gang? We just named it, for no reason, cause we thought you guys love it.

Do you want to be guaranteed to participate in the upcoming token sales?
If so, sign up for the white list 

If you do some social media viral marketing,

we are willing to give you a pre-order ticket and airdrop

Plus, it seems that you guys really prefer the whitelist,

so we’ve added a blacklist feature
Register blacklist on Discord! Surprising benefits are waiting for you.


Whitelist Sale
Retweet our main tweets on Twitter and verify yourself

The selected 100 people will be given a prize!

Road Map

0% - Mint 6969
Mint a special NFT.
Sales 30% - TGE
Gangsters will have the right to buy SGAG tokens.
60% - airdrop
Sale is just around the corner. Some "unlucky" people would have gotten NFT for airdrop instead of scam NFT. We plan to give you dozens of NFTs personally collected by the team leader! We don't treat cheap ones. 'cause we're a gang
100% - Information about "sgag"
All information about the token sale will be provided. Check out the new roadmap and look forward to the changes!
NFT burn and token exchange
NFT holders can receive SGAG worth 1 Sol. If they burn NFT, they can have the right to buy more SGAG. If you have NFTs you don't like, burn them and exchange them for tokens. By burning and exchanging, you will receive higher benefits, which is proportion to the rank of the corresponding NFT.
Side story
NFTs that couldn't found their owner are sold to our VC after a certain period of time. They will just ruthlessly burn NFTs and convert them to tokens

VC & Partnership